MI6 Declassified Magazine - James Bond 007 And Beyond
"My intentions are
strictly honourable"

Issue #3
Add together the Ian Fleming centenary celebrations, the 22nd James Bond film Quantum of Solace, the first videogame from Activision, a retrospective on the shooting of Dr No on location in Jamaica, an exclusive behind-the-scenes history on the first comic strip Casino Royale, and much, much more... MI6 Declassified #3 proves that Bond can't be beat!

2008 was one of the most packed years for Bond fans and this issue reflects the breadth and depth of the 007 canon.

• Cast and crew talk about wrapping filming on Quantum of Solace
• Take a tour of the Ian Fleming exhibitions celebrating his life & creation
• Shooting Dr No on location in Jamaica - behind the scenes with rare photographs
• Never before published Fleming correspondence
• Casino Royale comic strip celebrates its 50th anniversary
• The new novel Devil May Care by Sebastian Faulks is launched in style
• David Arnold on writing the theme song for Casino Royale
• Activision unveil the next generation of interactive Bond