MI6 Declassified Magazine - James Bond 007 And Beyond
"Take a deep breath,
you only get one shot,
make it count. "

Issue #5
"Quantum of Solace" divided some fans and critics over its style and substance, but one fact is undeniable: 007 was back at the box-office in record-breaking form. With opening weekend tallies smashing historical highs almost everywhere he went, Bond Fever was rampant once again.

MI6 Declassified #5 looks at how the 22nd film thrilled cities around the world and speaks to some of the creative talent behind the movie... and keep an eye out for an exclusive cut scene still!

• Coverage of the "Quantum of Solace" world premiere from Leicester Square
• Follow 007 around the globe during the launch of the latest film
• Cast and crew discuss making "Quantum of Solace"
• Jack White and Alicia Keys on "Another Way To Die"
• A tribute to author John Gardner including his last indepth interview
• Uncover the rare '60s Zig Zag comics series from South America
• Interview with Oscar-winning sound editor Norman Wanstall
• A unique look at the world through Fleming's eyes in Thrilling Cities